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Posted by Matthew On December - 28 - 2012

My kids came up to the mountain today. As they headed out for some Hoodoo night skiing with their mom (I had to stay back and work in the lodge), I started thinking about the winters that have gone by over the past 10 years since my first child was born. Each winter when my kids come up to play in the snow a moment seems to arise when I feel such great pride and pleasure in the fact that I am their father. It seems like no other parent could have these great joys, but then I look in to the eyes of my wife or at the face of other adoring parents at Hoodoo and know I am not alone.

I use to be the child headed up to the mountain to visit my parents at work. My parents worked (and met) at Snowbird in Utah. I would head up to ride with my siblings and would always feel a little embarressment when my parents would follow me around in the lodge with the same look on their faces that has made its way on to my own at Hoodoo. But those visits up to ride still exist as some of my fondest memories. I loved playing in the snow as a child and I guess that time hasn’t changed that a whole lot.

My love for winter fun has never seemed to lessen. I began working at Brighton, Utah in 1991. I met my wife there. She grew up in Oregon and talked to me about a ski area back home that her father was working to improve named Hoodoo. We had that in common; both of our parents had a great passion for the ski industry.

I came to Hoodoo for the first time with my wife, girlfriend at that time, back in January of 2000. I found myself excited by the atmosphere. Everyone at the mountain seemed to know one another, and it didn’t take long for me to feel like the faces I came across were those of friends.

My wife and I moved from Utah to Sisters in August of 2000. Hoodoo became our new home. The skiers and riders became our friends and extensions of our family. We fell in love with Hoodoo. And like any love in one’s heart we have suffered when the mountain suffered with poor weather. Our hearts have swelled on the bluebird powder days when smiles seem plastered on every visitor to the mountain. This December I am finding more and more joy awaiting me at Hoodoo.

Hoodoo is experiencing one of the greatest Decembers since I have arrived. The tree riding is amazing. The night skiing is crisp and fresh. This truly is a winter you will not want to miss.

Matthew McFarland

General Manager
Hoodoo Ski Area