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National Forest Development Road #23, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Randle WA 98377 – Driving Directions Below

**North Fork Campground Map PDF**

Single Site$18 per nightOpen5/23/13
Multi Site$34 per nightClosed
*Weather Permitting
Extra Vehicle$9 per night
Group Site$75 or $100 per night

Golden Age and Golden Access cards will receive a 50% discount for the legal holders of the cards. Discount cards do not apply to group campgrounds.

10/21/13 – We apologize for the inconvenience but we will need to close Sites 1 and 21-32 until further notice due to issues with tree root rot. This may extend for into the 2014 season, please check back for updates. 


Sites may be reserved at or by calling 1-877-444-6777

About 60% of the sites are available for reservations, and the rest are available on a first-come first-served basis.

RESERVATION NOTE: In 2009 these sites were changed to nonspecific site reservations by a previous company.  Non specific sites means that if you reserve a certain size site (ex. FS1-30) you will be assigned a site that is less than 30 feet long. If you have a long RV you will want to reserve a site in a larger category (ex FS1-40) to get a larger site. The host will then assign you a site that will fit your rig. If there are many available sites you will be able to help the host pick your site or if you come early in the week you will have a better chance of picking your site. From below you can see that we have sites that will fit rigs up to about 45 feet.   If you arrive midweek, it will be very rare that we would be full, if we are full anytime during the season there is normally another campground nearby that is not full.


  • Biking
  • Drinking Water
  • Firewood for sale
  • Fishing
  • Garbage
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Off Road Vehicle trails
  • Restroom
  • Info Station

Why Camp Here

North Fork Group and family style campgrounds are situated on the west and east banks of the North Fork of the Cispus River. The campground provides easy access to the higher areas on Mt. Adams while camping lower at an altitude of only 1,450 feet.

Good to Know

The group campgrounds are extremely popular and are often reserved months in advance. If you have problems finding a date you might check other group sites on our website.

In the case that the water system is down at the group sites please feel free to use the water at the single sites.

We expect to have a host in the campground from about Memorial Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. Otherwise an attendant will be in the campground two to four times per day.

RV use rating is 4 out of 5


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Take I-5 to Highway 12, traveling east until you reach Randle, WA. Once in town, turn right onto Road 25 and follow until you reach the fork in the road. Take the left fork onto Road 23 and travel about 10 miles until you reach the campground.

To reserve a site at North Fork click on the red site numbers listed in the table, which will take you to that site’s link, or call at 1-877-444-6777

Site # (Reservable  in red)Grade*Driveway
Max Vehicle LengthBack-in or Pull-ThroughPaved or GravelSunny or ShadedLocated on water?
Bear GroupB8 car or 6 RV35 pers. MaxParking LotGravelSunnyN
Beaver GroupA10 car or 6 RV50 pers MaxParking LotGravelSunnyYes
Elk GroupB6 Car or 2 RV25 Pers MaxParking LotGravelSunnyN
0 – HostA24 x 2424Back InPavedPartialYes
1B27′ x 27′24′Back InPavedShadeN
002 (non-site specific)A54 x 4440Back InPavedShadeYes
003 (non-site specific)B54′ x 14′30′Back InPavedShadeN
004 (non- site specific)C45′ x 12′40′Back InPavedShadeN
005 (non-site specific)B36′ x 24′35′Back InPavedShadeN
6B20′ x 20′18′Back InPavedShadeN
007 (non-site specific)A60′40′Pull ThroughPavedShadeYes
8B50′ x 14′40′Back InPavedShadeN
9B18′ x 20′16′Back InPavedShadeYes
10B45′ x15′40′Back InPavedShadeN
C54′ x 12′40′Back InPavedShadeN
12B40′ x 20′40′Back InPavedShadeN
013 (non-site specific)C45′40′Pull ThroughPavedShadeN
014 (non-site specific)B40′ x 15′40′Back InPavedShadeN
015 (non-site specific)B30′ x 15′29′Back InPavedShadeN
016 (non-site specific)B38′ x 14′36′Back InPavedShadeN
017 (non-site specific)C36′ x 12′18′Back InPavedShadeN
018 (non-site specific)B30′ x 16′29′Back InPavedShadeN
C40′ x 12′40′Back InPavedShadeN
020 (non-site specific)B27′ x 20′26′Back InPavedShadeN
B30′ x 18′30′Back InPavedShadeN
B45′ x 15′40′Back InPavedShadeN
C75′30′Pull ThroughPavedShadeN
B45′ x 12′40′Back InPavedShadeN
C30′ x 20′24′Back InPavedShadeN
26A120′40′Pull ThroughPavedShadeN
C33′ x 24′32′Back InPavedShadeN
C27′ x 20′26′Back InPavedShadeN
C45′ x 12′24′Back InPavedShadeN
30B30′ x 24′29′Back InPavedShadeN
C45′ x 15′36′Back InPavedShadeN
C30′ x 18′30′Back InPavedSunnyN

*Grades are based solely on comparison with the other camp sites in that campground