Fri, April 25th
Last 24 Hrs: 1.4”Depth: 57.1”Season Total: 239.9”Temp. (base): 32°Temp. (peak): 26°Weather Icon
Last Updated: April 25 @ 12:44 AM

**Lava Lake Map PDF File**

Single Site$14 per NightOpen5/18/13
Extra Vehicle$7 per NightClosed (*Weather Permitting)10/7/13


All sites are First Come – First Serve


  • Boat Ramp
  • Fishing
  • Restroom

Why Camp Here

Lava Lake Campground has been a popular one with campers for some time. The lake is popular with fishermen and often the same campers come back year after year.

Good to Know

Please be aware though that there is a day use fee to use the ramps or day use area if you are not a camper at Lava Lake. The area has two boat ramps and lots of day use parking.

10 MPH speed limit is enforced for boating on Lava.

We expect to have a host in the campground from about Memorial Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. Otherwise an attendant will be visiting the campground two to four times per day.


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Site #Grade*Driveway
Max Vehicle LengthBack-in or Pull-ThroughPaved or GravelSunny or ShadedLocated on water?
2C34 x 1530Back InGravelBothN
3B40 x 1536Back InGravelSunnyN
4B40 x 1536Back InGravelBothN
6 HostA45 x 1540Back InGravelBothN
7B45 x 1540Back InGravelBothN
9B40 x 1530Back InGravelShadeN
11B45 x 1540Back InGravelBothN
12B30 x 1530Back InGravelShadeN
13C30 x 1530Back InGravelBothN
14 TentA20 x 2018Back InGravelBothN
15 TentA20 x 2018Back InGravelBothN
16 TentA20 x 2018Back InGravelBothN
17 TentA20 x 2018Back InGravelBothN
18 TentA20 x 2018Back InGravelBothN
19C35 x 1830Back InGravelBothN
20C40 x 1540Back InGravelSunnyN
22C60 x 1530Back InPavedBothN
23B50 x 1536Back InPavedBothN
24B45 x 1540Back InPavedShadeN
25B50 x 1236Back InGravelShadeN
26C40 x 1540Back InGravelShadeN
27C40 x 1230Back InGravelSunnyN
28C40 x 2024Back InGravelBothN
29B40 x 2030Back InGravelBothN
30B50 x 1530Back InGravelBothN
31B45 x 1240Back InGravelBothN
32B45 x 1536Back InGravelShadeN
33B50 x 1540Back InGravelBothN
34B40 x 1536Back InGravelBothN
35A50 x 1540Back InGravelShadeN
36C30 x 1224Back InGravelBothN
37B35 x 1530Back InGravelBothN
38A40 x 1536Back InGravelBothN
39A40 x 1540Back InGravelBothN
40C30 x 1230Back InGravelSunnyN
41B50 x 1540Back InGravelShadeN
42B55 x 1540Back InGravelBothN
43B40 x 1536Back InGravelShadeN
44 MultiA50 x 1540Back InGravelBothN

*Grades are based solely on comparison with the other camp sites in that campground